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Electric boiler - “Green Star”

Main technical parameters
Configuration list
Electric boiler - “Green Star”
Electric boiler - “Green Star” Product categories: Electric hot water boiler   Electric Steam Boiler   
Product Features:
Designed in strict accordance with the national technical standards of boilers, and with reference to the ASME standard as appropriate;
Special thick-walled pot shell, ensuring a longer service life;
100mm ultra-thick insulation layer realizes better thermal insulation performance and higher thermal efficiency;
Electric heating element interface adopts square-flange design, in neat arrangement; the overall size is smaller and takes up less space compared with international products;
Mechanical and electrical integration, very convenient installation and maintenance;
Touch-screen control technology, very friendly human-machine interface.
Automatic control of all daily operation, with multiple alarms and protections including over-temperature, over voltage, short circuit, water shortage, over-run water and leakage.
Combined with supporting thermal storage devices, it can make full use of cheap valley electricity, to lower operating costs.
Sound after-sales service can relieve your from worries thoroughly.
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