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Formaldehyde Plant
The central equipment designed and produced by the company for the Formaldehyde plant adopting exhaust-gas circulation method, the oxidizer, is characterized by good response effect, less side effects, convenient catalyst pavement, and high heat transfer; the unique design of the heat exchange tubes and the tube sheets of the oxidizer prolongs the service life of the oxidizer to more than eight years. After the production encounters equipment shutdown or power failure, the production can still continue by turning on the machine without any treatment, ensuring high output. The equipment has its own waste boiler, saving the efforts for making bubble.
The company has designed and manufactured 50 thousand tons / year silver method tail gas recycling formaldehyde device, with normal production and all indicators reaching the international advanced level. The formaldehyde concentration can be selected between 37% and 45%. The picture shows the installation process and completion of the device. A kind of
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