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Jiangyin Dongda Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. newly developed coke boiler

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The company newly developed coke boilers, vertical internal combustion wet backwater three-pass coke boilers.
Technical field:
The utility model relates to a boiler, in particular to a vertical internal combustion wet backwater pipe three-pass coke boiler, and belongs to the technical field of thermal equipment.
Background technique:
The utility model makes the following, the conventional charcoal boiler has a vertical internal combustion wet backwater three-pass program. As long as it has the following deficiencies:
1 When the flue gas goes through the tube, the contact area between the fire tube and the flue gas is small, and the heat transfer coefficient is low.
2 The smoke inlet at the end of the fire tube is easy to be blocked and ash is difficult to remove, and the boiler operation is safe and reliable.
3 The fire tube is assembled in the water barrier and cannot be repaired.
4 The flue gas flow rate in the fire pipe is fast, the scouring force on the fire pipe is strong, it is easy to wear, and the service life is short.
Inventive content:
The purpose of this utility model is to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings, and provide an ideal environmental protection and energy saving vertical internal combustion wet backwater three-pass boiler with high heat transfer efficiency, convenient cleaning, convenient maintenance and replacement, and long service life.
Fills the blank in the domestic technology field.
Series coke boiler
Innovative structure of vertical internal combustion wet backwater pipe with three passes
All heated surfaces are evenly cooled by reliable water;
The structure of the main body is in good condition, the operation is safe and reliable, and it can be started and stopped quickly;
Design a large furnace space to achieve efficient combustion and efficient heat exchange.
The boiler has a compact structure, which greatly limits the energy-saving space. It can be installed quickly and leave the factory, with a small footprint, convenient installation, fewer mechanical failures, and convenient maintenance.
All heating surfaces can be easily cleaned to ensure long-term efficient operation of the boiler;
Oven tube + water pipe structure, better use effect.