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Field Service

l When the Design Institute prepares construction drawings, we will make timely cooperation and conduct onsite technical disclosure.
l During installation, our party will send boiler design engineers to provide onsite guidance for installation, to fully ensure that the equipment is installed according to the “Installation Manual” and the construction plan provided by the Design Institute, and fully guarantee the quality of installation.
l During commissioning, our professional commissioning personnel, design engineers, and electrical engineers will implement on-site commissioning and training.
l Onsite training: After commissioning, we will send boiler operation professionals, electrical engineers, and commissioning experts to conduct systematic training for the furnacemen of the buyer in such aspects as equipment structure, electrical theory, control theory, and knowledge on use and maintenance.

After-sales Service

Once a contract is established, we will provide buyers with the following related services and technical support.
● Technical data: In order to facilitate the maintenance work of buyers, we will provide the following technical data:
A、Product samples and a full set of ex-factory documents
B、Instruction Manual and Installation Manual
C、Product qualification certificate and packing list
● Installation Guidance:
Being highly responsible for buyers, we provide them with onsite technical guidance for installation, and assign three engineers to the site for guidance.
● Commissioning Conditions:
After receiving the notice from the buyer requesting commissioning, and after confirming that the installation of heating units, control systems, and auxiliary systems are all completed, we will send technical personnel to the site for commissioning. During the early period of operation, we can send experts to guide the operation upon users’ requests.
● Acceptance Conditions:
At the end of boiler commissioning, after the indicators and performance meet the design requirements, the product will be accepted after the acceptance inspections conducted by the representatives of both parties, which should prepare the acceptance report in time and make verifications.
● Warranty Scope and Duration
A、Boilers and the main component parts provided by us;
B、Being highly responsible for our users, we provide 1 year warranty for equipment under normal operation starting from the date when the boiler left the factory.
● Out-of-Warranty Service
After the warranty period expires, we will continue to provide compensated lifelong maintenance service. All the replacement parts are charged at the cost price. Customers can contact the local maintenance department or office of the company.
● Response Time:
The company has set up offices throughout the country. The spare parts in our spare part centers are complete. If you encountered any quality problems, our personnel will arrive at the site to provide first-aid repair within 1 hour for urban areas and 2 hours (counted based on the time indicated on the fax or telephone) for suburban areas upon receiving the notice. If headquarters personnel are needed onsite, they will arrive at the site within 2 days. In case of quality problems, we will be responsible for the repair, replacement or refund at our cost. If the problems are caused by improper use, we will actively cooperate to handle the problem, and the buyers will be responsible for the necessary expenses.
● Training Services:
We provide trainings for 2 to 3 operators of buyers free of charge by adopting the training method that combines both theories and practice. The main training contents are as following: equipment structure theory, electrical theory, control theory, installation, use and maintenance knowledge, and other essential knowledge.
● Others:
A、All direct costs (materials, labor and travel) due to quality problems during the warranty period are at our expense.
B、In case of failure or accident, the first-aid repair goes first, and then the differentiation of responsibilities follows.

After-sales Service Center

After-sales Service Department:
Tel: 86-510-86151351
Contact: Xia Gang